How to win the art decos sale at the art market

You can get your hands on a great collection of contemporary furniture in just a few hours at the auction house.

The sale includes a great selection of furniture from a wide range of makers, including the famed art decois.

But the most striking piece in the auction is the wayfair is showcasing its collection, including many contemporary and traditional furniture.

The auction house has sold a collection of over 200 contemporary art decoys, including furniture and jewellery, from artists such as Thomas Edison, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Gustav Klimt, Henri Matisse, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Richard Bachmann.

While it is a collection from a few decades ago, the sale is likely to be a big hit with the younger generation of collectors.

“This is the second time I have seen a piece in a wayfair auction and I am very impressed,” said Artistic Director of the auction, Steve Mather.

“I would say the older crowd is a lot more interested in the history of the art, the history and the work of the artists,” he added.

“In many ways, I think the younger collectors are very interested in these items.”

The collection is a rare and precious commodity for a couple of reasons.

It is not usually the case that people can buy furniture that was made in an era before they existed.

And it is not uncommon for pieces to sell for much less than the original market value.

“It’s not something you can just throw away,” said Mather, adding that he believes people are attracted to the quality of the work and the fact that they have the original work.

The art decoin collection will be displayed in a large exhibition space at the Art Market in Melbourne, starting from October.