When I used to be a girl, my father was a doctor, says dad

My father was an obstetrician and gynecologist.

In those days, he’d go to the doctor with a fever, and when the doctor told him that a patient was too weak to go to bed, he would say: ‘There is something wrong with you, but it will go away’.

So my father would take me to a hospital for two or three days, and then he would take us to his home for a rest and recuperation.

It was very important to my father.

He would tell me about all the problems we were having in life.

My mother and I had no idea about it, and our mother would say to me: ‘You should take care of yourself.

Don’t let the doctors and nurses know that you are in a bad condition’.

My father would always be very good to me.

My father never talked about sex.

He never said he was homosexual.

I never felt like I was alone in my own world.

My parents did not have a homosexual relationship, because my father had a strong Catholic background and my mother was raised Catholic.

My brother and I were brought up in a very different environment.

My sister and I went to Catholic schools.

Our father was always very supportive of us, even when he had some difficulties.

He told us to learn to pray, and he would tell us to be gentle with our mother.

My mom and my father were very close.

My dad loved his mother and his brother, so he was very fond of them.

We loved to spend time together, and I remember going to church, to pray with them and to have a lot of fun.

My sisters and I would have fun together, too, but we never talked much about sex with them.

In the 1950s, when I was younger, we had lots of fun together and we would play together in the backyard, which is in the same street as our house.

We would talk about the movies, or listen to the radio, and my brothers and I did our own radio shows.

At the time, I was really interested in computers, so my brothers would come over and play with me.

They were also really interested about movies and other things.

We were very playful, and we used to do things like take turns doing something.

Sometimes, I would come back from the house and they would invite me to sit on the sofa with them, and if they got bored, they would play with the kids, too.

We had lots and lots of friends and they were very kind to us.

My brothers and sisters were always very kind and I was very shy.

I was a little bit of a tomboy, too!

I was only 15, and so my parents didn’t want me to do something silly like play with other boys.

So I always said: ‘I won’t do it’.

But one day, I had my first conversation with a boy.

My grandfather, a friend of my father’s, was at home at the time.

The boy was a local boy.

When I came home from school, I went over to his house, and that is when I started to meet my friends and the boys.

At that time, my family was very small, so I didn’t have a big circle of friends.

My family was small, too – my parents had no children.

My aunt and my grandmother were very old women, so we didn’t really have a good relationship with them as we didn´t know them.

My friends would be the ones who would invite us to go over to their house, but I wouldn’t go.

My friend and I decided to meet our friends over at my father´s house.

My first conversation was with my friend, who had gone over to the house.

He introduced himself and asked if he could join us.

He was really excited and told me that my grandmother was very happy and that I could join her.

I went up to her house and told her how much he enjoyed going to the movies and going to my grandmothers house, so she invited me over.

I sat down with her and my friend and we started talking about movies.

My grandmother was a very strict woman.

She didn´ts allow any kind of talk about sex and we didn`t talk about that.

My grandma would always tell me that sex is very important, but she said that it shouldn´t be discussed.

My Grandma always had an opinion about everything.

My grandpa was very conservative, and the only time I got to meet him was when I visited him in his room.

When we first met, my Grandma was sitting on the couch and I could hear her talking on the telephone.

I had the impression that she was very excited, but when I went in there, she just stood there, staring at the ceiling.

I couldn´t tell if she was thinking about something, or just staring.

But after a while, she calmed down and said