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How to make a fireplace for your home

The process starts with a wood burner, which produces a warm flame.

You can then use a fireplace grate, which will make the flames hotter.

Next, you’ll need a metal frame to create the firebox.

Then you’ll add a fire pit.

Next you’ll coat the wood with an adhesive.

And lastly, you can paint the wood, then finish with an interior coat of glaze.

The result?

The best result, it seems, comes from adding a piece of decorative metal and then painting it with glaze to create a unique effect.

The process of making a fireplace, by the way, involves a lot of trial and error.

“I like to think I’m going to put the work in the kitchen, not in the garage,” says David, who has made wooden furniture since he was a child.

So you’ll have to think creatively about how you want to paint your wood.

But if you do everything right, you might be rewarded with an amazing looking firebox in no time.