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The most expensive gifts ever sent by an Australian to a foreigner

The most lavish gifts ever paid by an overseas tourist have been sent to the Australian couple who paid $13,000 each to take a tour of New Zealand.

The Australian couple took the tour last year and returned with a suitcase of the most expensive jewellery they had ever seen.

It included gold, platinum and diamond earrings, necklaces and necklays, and a diamond ring, as well as a bracelet, earrings and bracelets, which are valued at more than $5,000.

One of the couple’s trips, in May, also took them to a wedding and a barber shop in Auckland, and to a museum in the United Kingdom.

They also bought a new, vintage Mercedes, and even bought a boat, which the bride’s family will also be travelling on, to help her get to the coast.

It was a luxury trip that they had been planning to take for years, and now the couple is taking it back with them for a trip to the New Zealand coast.

ABC/wires 1/2 Australian family pays $13K to take ‘world-class’ tour of Japan In 2017, the Australian family paid more than a million dollars to take an ‘exotic’ and ‘unique’ tour through Japan and South Korea, with the main purpose of exploring the country.

The tour, which took place from May to September, involved spending time with Japanese families in the city of Nagoya and visiting the secluded island of Hokkaido.

2/2 The most extravagant gift ever paid for by an offshore tourist In 2013, an Australian couple paid $12,000 for a flight to take them on a tour around the world, which included spending time in Japan, Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

They spent three days on the island of Yap in the Pacific Ocean, spending the entire trip with a group of friends and relatives.

3/2 It took the bride and groom a year to buy a new yacht The couple, who live in New South Wales, Australia paid more the year after the wedding, to purchase a new luxury yacht.

They were able to buy the yacht, which has a 6,000-foot cruising speed, because they had previously owned a similar yacht.

The bride’s father, Michael, is a wealthy businessman, while the groom’s father is a millionaire who runs a yacht company.

The couple bought the yacht for $9.5 million, and it is the longest yacht they have ever owned.

4/2 Australia is the first country to have a full-time chief medical officer The chief medical officers (CMOs) of Australia and New Zealand have been paid the highest salaries in the world in recent years, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

The figures show that the salaries of CMOs in Australia and the UK are on a par with the likes of France’s Michel Sapin and Singapore’s Chan Yeung, and Australia’s Lee Ling-fang.

5/2 An Australian tourist bought a car with a Ferrari supercar, but his wife won’t take him for a drive The car, named after the Ferrari Formula One race car, was given to the couple in 2018.

The driver of the Ferrari super car, who lives in Australia, said that the couple will take it for a spin, but will not take him on a drive.

“He’s a good chap but we will not drive him for one,” the driver, Peter, told ABC News.

“We would love to see him drive but he has been here a while.

He’s a lovely chap but the wife is not taking him for an in-person drive.”

6/2 They had to fly to Australia to be with their Australian ‘family’ It is a rare occasion when an Australian family, who are in their 70s or 80s, can take part in a trip with their loved ones.

The group had to pay $3,000 to be on a holiday in Hawaii, and the travel was not cheap.

The trip cost $2,000 per person.

7/2 One of Australia’s top-ranking business leaders and a former head of a multinational company gave a lavish speech to his employees in a hotel ballroom The Australian chief executive of a global technology company, and one of the richest men in the country, gave a speech to employees at his Melbourne office, in which he called the state of the country’s economy a “gigantic problem”.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Tony Goulburn said Australia had a “massive problem” and had “lost its mojo”.

“We are in the middle of a massive, huge problem and it’s a very big problem,” Mr Goulwood said.

8/2 A Chinese family has been spending $7,000 a day on gifts in an attempt to get the best prices in the ‘frostiest’ regions of Japan The Chinese couple travelled to Japan to see a famous historical site and had to travel more than