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When a big change comes to a house, you can’t stop and look up a book or TV show, a friend tells me. I want to hear it. – Liza Prentice, CBC News housekeeping reporter

On a winter day in October, I went to the house where my friend’s father lives with his parents, his grandparents, and their three younger children.

We were sitting on the patio, watching a video of a snowstorm.

My friend’s dad has a housekeeper, a nanny, and two younger brothers, and he was playing with a baby.

When the storm passed, he was sitting on his porch, trying to calm down.

It was just as quiet as I had expected, he said.

The housekeeper had a box full of food, including meatloaf and pasta.

He didn’t want to eat anything that didn’t come from his fridge, but it was too late for that.

My neighbour, a housekeeping student, was watching the snow storm from her front porch, with her husband and children.

They’d never seen a storm like this.

They had a big snow shovel, so they scooped up the snow.

They got all the snow away from the house, and the rest was scooped away by the family dog.

The dog was so eager to eat the bread, it jumped into my neighbour’s arms and bit him on the neck, and my neighbour was able to get him out of there.

The family had been sitting in the backyard since the storm hit.

I was wondering what the next step would be.

The next step was for my neighbour to get a little bit closer to the water, so he could try to save himself, my friend said.

And when my neighbour tried to save him, the dog bit him, too.

That’s when I thought, Oh my God, he’s going to die.

And that’s when it hit me: I need to find out what to do.

So, my neighbour went to his neighbour’s house and asked if she could borrow a shovel.

They needed to get rid of the snow, so she and her family went to a neighbour’s home and got the shovel.

I went with them.

There were some parts of the house that were already covered in snow.

But when I went into the kitchen, I found out that they had left their snow shovels on the kitchen table, and I was thinking, Oh, they must be really busy.

My brother and I were going to look through the boxes.

And my friend had been watching her neighbour and heard him asking, “How’s my mum doing?”

It was such a shock to see my neighbour crying, and to hear her ask him, “Is everything all right?”

And the whole family just started crying.

And then I realised that this was not normal, my brother said.

This was a miracle.

We had a chance to see a lot of the people who had come and helped them, my husband said.

We saw a couple of nurses who were helping the elderly, and we also saw a neighbour who was helping the people in the home who were out there in the yard, my wife said.

But the family’s main focus was to get the house clean, and that meant getting rid of all the old furniture.

My mother-in-law’s mother had donated a lot to her local charity, the Hope House, which helps elderly people who have lost their homes.

I saw my mother- in-law and her husband in their home, and they had a bucket of food and a bucket for water.

I had a bottle of wine, which I thought was the most important thing.

My wife said that she would take my mother in-laws wine, because that was the only thing she had left in her fridge.

But after we brought it back, I realised the importance of bringing that bottle back, because she hadn’t been able to bring her wine back with her.

So I brought it in, and she got a nice glass of wine for her, and then we put the wine in the fridge and the family had to go and get their own wine.

I got a bottle with the family, and it was just amazing.

I think she was just so happy to have it, my son said.

I’m so proud of my wife and our family, my brothers said.

They didn’t realise how important the gift was.

I thought it was really important that we all got together, my family said.

My said she’d like to bring a new bottle of water for her mother- on the first day she came to live here, she got an ice cream cone and a coffee.

My husband, who is the housekeeper for the family that lives next door, was really pleased when she got home, he told me.

And I think the children in the house were all very happy too.

We’re going to give her a bottle for Christmas, she said.

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever received in your life? Liza, my