The most iconic items of furniture in West Elm store

It’s a little early for the West Elm Store to be called the most iconic furniture in the world, but it has a long and storied history.

In its heyday, the store in St Louis, Missouri, had a number of famous customers.

Among them were John F. Kennedy, Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Louis Armstrong.

Today, the company has seen its stock plummet in recent years, with the majority of its stock now trading for less than $1.50 per share.

It’s also become the target of online criticism for not keeping up with consumer trends.

A new article in The Huffington Post has detailed the history of West Elm’s furniture.

West Elm began in 1904, with one of its stores in Florida.

The company had an outpost in the West Village, a suburb in Manhattan.

In 1907, West Elm moved to a new location in Manhattan, and the new building was called the West End.

The store was later renamed the West Side and the name stuck.

It was here that the company’s first retail outlet opened.

In 1924, the New York City department store was born.

The outlet was in the same building, and it had a similar design to West Elm.

In 1925, the chain expanded its retail outlets in Los Angeles and New York.

The chain expanded into other areas, including Florida, Texas, Alabama and Mississippi.

It wasn’t until 1939 that the chain opened a new store in New York, in the Brooklyn section of Manhattan.

It would become the first store to be built in the United States.

After World War II, West Elms saw its fortunes slip.

The chain was forced to shut down and was absorbed by the Sears chain.

Today it is one of the most successful chains in the country.

The retailer has over 250 locations, and has been on the rise since its inception in 1904.