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How to avoid being hacked

A bitcoin wallet has been hacked in Sweden, and thieves are reportedly using the attack to extort bitcoins from unsuspecting users.

According to the New York Times, the hack, which occurred on November 4, is believed to be related to a recent bitcoin exchange hack that occurred on October 27.

While the attack appears to have been a successful one, the theft of bitcoins from Swedish users could lead to the theft from the country’s largest banks and government.

According the Times, thieves are believed to have used the attack as a means of extorting the exchange and other bitcoin businesses for payment.

The attack is also suspected to have stolen a number of bitcoin wallets from a number more than a dozen different users.

The exchange reportedly suffered a significant loss as a result of the hack.

In an email, a spokesperson for the Swedish National Cybersecurity Centre said the exchange is “actively investigating the incident.”

The Swedish government has warned that a significant portion of the Swedish population could lose their savings if they lose bitcoins, but so far, bitcoin users have largely not lost their coins, the New Times reports.

The incident comes as bitcoin is currently trading around $5,000.