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How to make your kids’ bedroom furniture look like your parents

If you have kids, they will love this cozy chair and armchair from the kitchen cabinet.

The chair features a full-sized, plush armrest, which is cushioned to provide more space for kids.

The armrests sit upright and fold over into the back.

The sofa is also made with soft wood, so kids will love to sit on it.

This sofa is so comfy, you can even play games with it!

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The other chairs have a full set of armrest with adjustable shoulder straps, a reclining armrest and two fold out armrest for children ages 6-12.

If you are looking for a fun, stylish way to put kids’ furniture in your house, The Home Store offers a full line of furniture that can be put together in a day or two.

For those who have kids on the go, the Kids Furniture Store has a collection of kid-friendly furniture.