What is a toilet?

Posted October 11, 2018 06:59:37I am trying to learn more about the concept of toilet.

I am trying a toilet in my home with my husband, who is not well-versed in toilets.

The concept of a toilet has been around for quite some time, and there are many variations, but the basic concept is to use a small tube of liquid to flush the contents of the bowl and then fill it up with water.

The tube can be made of metal or plastic, and it can be either a toilet or an ordinary toilet.

You can also put a small glass bottle or some sort of toilet seat in there.

The toilet is usually made from a large bowl or basin with a lid, and you flush it with water and then refill it with a liquid that you put in the bowl.

There is nothing fancy about this.

It is basically a regular toilet, which you use to flush your toilet.

The bowl can be an ordinary bowl or a smaller bowl.

So the bowl is a little like a big bowl, and the lid is a very large bowl.

When you flush, the liquid comes out, and then it goes back in the same tube.

It has to be flushed regularly.

In India, we have different terms for the different types of toilet, and they are called different things.

For example, a regular bowl can only be used for flushings, and a bowl with a metal lid is called a porcelain bowl.

In the West, we call them porcelains, and in the East, they are usually called bamboo pots.

The term for a toilet bowl in India is called the “Bhagwan” bowl.

The basic idea is to fill it with toilet water, and that’s how we flush the toilet.

If you have a regular container, that’s all that needs to be done.

But if you have an ordinary container, then the bowl needs to have a lid.

If the bowl has a lid and the liquid in the tube goes into the bowl, then it is called an ordinary pipe.

So you can’t use the normal bowl for anything.

The bowl has to have an air pressure.

It needs to come out at the top, and if it is too small, the bowl will fall apart.

If it is big, the water will collect on the top of the water, which can damage the pipe.

If there is too much water in the pipe, then when you flush the bowl with water, the pressure is too high, and water will get into the pipe itself.

So there is a reason for the bowl to have the lid.

In this kind of toilet you can flush it by pressing the handle.

You do not need to press the handle, because the water is collected in the container.

So that water goes into your bowl, fills it with the water you put into it, and so the bowl fills up with the same amount of water as it was full when you used the bowl for the first time.

The water that comes out from the bowl goes back into the tube, so the tube fills up.

The liquid that comes in is used for the next flush, which is also called the next rinse.

When it comes out of the tube with the bowl full, you flush again.

So in the process of using the toilet, the pot needs to get cleaned, which means wiping the bowl every time.

It also needs to take care of the pipe to ensure that the water goes back to the bowl before the next time you flush.

The tube has to get dirty, too.

If something is left on the tube when the bowl comes out and it’s not washed properly, that can damage it.

So, if you use the toilet for one day, then you use it for a second day.

You put the bowl in a different place and then put it in a bucket of water.

So it needs to go through the same process.

If, after one day or two days, the tube becomes dirty, you need to flush it again.

You have to do this once every day.

So you are using the same toilet for two days.

The next day, the pipe needs to clean itself, because you need the bowl that is full.

The same process happens when the tube gets dirty again.

So after two days or two weeks, it gets dirty enough that you need a new tube.

You will have to go to a cleaning station to do that.

Then you use a new bowl and put it into the same place.

So after two weeks or two months, you get the bowl you were using when you were doing the first day.

After three months or three years, you will get the same bowl you used when you started.

So this is a cycle.

The same thing happens for the other side of the cycle.

You flush the same way.

You go through it once every two years.

But that is the only cycle.

If that bowl is cleaned, then a new one is added