How the Yankees and Yankees-Braves can still play the best baseball in the league

The Yankees, the defending National League champs, and the Atlanta Braves have a chance to play the baseball equivalent of an A-list movie.

Both teams, despite being on opposite coasts, are going to be in the same division with two division titles, and both are in the thick of the playoff race.

They’re both trying to win their second consecutive World Series.

And both have a winning record, so both teams are ready for a rematch, especially if they’re in the postseason.

And, of course, they both want to get back to their previous form.

For the Braves, their second title in three years has been the most satisfying accomplishment of the season.

It’s a sign of how far the team has come that it has become one of the few teams to have won consecutive titles.

For Yankees fans, their latest title is the greatest achievement of the franchise.

The team has been one of baseball’s most consistent performers and one of its best teams.

And the Yankees haven’t been able to break through the Red Sox, Pirates or Cardinals in the playoffs since 2009, when they reached the World Series as division winners.

That’s a lot of wins to win in a season, especially for the team that won the World Championship in 2009.

The Yankees and Braves haven’t exactly been a good-natured rivalry this year.

There have been some heated moments, especially on the field, with the Braves in a three-game sweep of the Yankees in Atlanta and the Yankees facing off against the Atlanta Silverbacks.

The Braves have won six of the past seven meetings, and they’ve been the better team, though the Yankees have won two of those games.

But both teams seem to be enjoying themselves, and neither has played particularly well lately.

Both have a record of 25-21.

Both the Braves and Yankees have had their struggles.

The Blue Jays have been one the worst teams in baseball, and it has hurt the Yankees a lot in this postseason.

It has taken a lot out of them, and even in this series, they haven’t really come through.

But for the Yankees, this is what the postseason means to them, this kind of close series.

The two teams are coming off consecutive sweeps.

The Orioles are the best team in baseball.

The Pirates are a strong division rival.

The Mets have been playing well and should win their division.

But the Braves are playing like a team that could make a run at a second straight World Series title.

They have a good record and a lot to prove.

They haven’t played particularly good baseball lately, but it’s a new season and they’re looking for a new way to win.

And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

This is the second straight postseason for the Braves.

In the first series against the Cubs, they lost 6-3.

In Game 3, the Braves beat the Cubs 3-2.

This time, the Yankees took the series 3-0, and for the first time in three tries, the teams will meet in the final.

The winner will clinch the National League East and the second wild card spot in the National Baseball League, and a trip to the World Baseball Classic for the second time in a row.

For fans of both teams, this will be their first time watching the games from home.

The teams haven’t had a meeting this close since 2011.

In that series, the Giants beat the Yankees 4-2 and the Mets beat the Blue Jays 4-1.

This one, they’re hoping, will be a little closer to home.

This year, the two teams have played each other once, in Atlanta.

In fact, the second game of the series will be the first game in Atlanta between the two franchises.

The series will start in Atlanta at 3:05 p.m.

EST on Wednesday, April 19.

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