What do you think of the new King Charles II bed?

King Charles III has been bedding for decades, but has his own bedding collection that he has purchased through a private sale.

Now, his bedding is being auctioned off by a new private company, Royal Bed & Garden.

It is unclear whether the beds will be auctioned, but there are some hints.

In the auction, a listing for a king bed titled “King Charles III bed” is up for sale.

This is a king-sized bed, with a soft-shelled mattress that has been folded in half to create a flat-bed design.

The mattress is made of polyurethane foam, which is lighter than the softer foam used in modern mattresses.

It has a mattress-style headboard, as well as a pillow, a headboard with pillows and a chair, a double bed, and a double armchair.

The bed is made from two separate pieces of wood.

The king’s bedding was purchased at a private auction by King Charles’ nephew, Prince Harry.

In 2014, the Duke of Edinburgh bought the King Charles Bed & Gown, which he has kept for his private use.

According to a tweet from the Twitter account of the auction house, the King of England and Queen Elizabeth II are in the process of renovating the bed and it is currently under construction.

The sale of King Charles’s bed has not been confirmed by Royal Bed and Garden, and the listing does not indicate whether the king will be wearing his bed.

The King Charles bed is not the first king bed to be auctionned.

In 2015, the king of Norway purchased the Queen’s bed at a sale.

In 2020, the Royal Bed Collection purchased a king’s mattress from the King George V Collection.

It was not clear whether the mattress will be used.

In 2019, King Louis XVI purchased a King Charles King Bed.

The Queen’s King Charles was the most expensive bed at the auction.

In 2018, the Queen purchased the first King Charles king bed for $8.8 million.