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Inside the furniture factory outlet in Dubai

Dubai – A dump furniture factory in Dubai has been flooded with dirty water as a flood of workers from a nearby furniture factory are on their way to the island.

The warehouse has been inundated with dirty wastewater since Thursday, when workers from the FMC Warehouses and Furniture Factory (FGF) were forced to leave the island’s busy shopping district due to heavy rain.

The workers had been on their first day of work at the warehouse in a new project.

“We were told that there is heavy rainfall which means that they would have to leave.

We were not expecting this and were shocked to see the situation we had to leave and we had no choice,” said a man named Saeed who works in the warehouse.

Workers at the FGF have to be in uniform to work in the UAE’s notorious capital.

We were not expected this and we were shocked by the situation that we had in Dubai, Saeed said.

Many workers have been forced to stay behind while others are staying in hotels in Dubai to avoid the storm.

The workers, who have been working at the factory for more than 10 years, were forced from their jobs because they were unable to get enough food to stay in hotels, a Dubai government official told news agency Reuters.

Dubai is the only Gulf state where the construction industry has been closed in the face of a worsening drought, with the government now expecting a record drought in 2016.

Drainage has been blamed for thousands of deaths in the Gulf and its neighbouring countries, which has led to a shortage of food and fuel for local industries.

A massive landslide on Wednesday, in the city of Al Maktoum, also claimed the lives of more than 80 people, according to local officials.

The city was under water for five days after a landslide, forcing residents to stay indoors for days.