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Which restaurant in Colorado is the best?

Restaurants in Colorado have come under scrutiny over their service and food.

Here’s our picks for the top 10.

article The Hill reports that the best food in Colorado comes from the Hill, the Denver-based chain owned by billionaire restaurateur Tom Colicchio.

But they are also known for being among the worst.

According to the Hill’s 2014 review of the restaurant, The Hill’s restaurant in Fort Collins, Colo., received an F for the food, service and service quality.

The Hill also gave the Denver’s West Village restaurant in West Hollywood an A-plus.

In 2016, the Hill also praised the Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Cajun Chicken restaurant for its “authentic Louisiana-style” chicken and said its “quality service and cleanliness were top notch.”

The Hill is owned by Colicchetti, a former CEO of the Walt Disney Company who left the company last year.